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We blend the attention of a personal trainer with the energy
and fun of group fitness.

You’ll burn hard, build strength and increase endurance, all in a playful environment designed to meet individual needs and suit all levels.


HIIT is a training strategy that alternates short, intense bursts of exercise with brief periods of rest. ALTR’s combination of interval, strength and cardio training yields consistent results. Expect to torch calories in session. Even better, up to 48 hours after you’ve been ALTR’D, you’ll continue burning calories at a higher rate thanks to a boosted resting metabolism.


Limited class sizes with expert trainers allow us to deliver challenging and attainable workouts perfect for all fitness levels. Our sessions incorporate high intensity intervals, strength training and everyday movements for maximum results.


Strength is more than just muscle gain. It’s a state of mind we build with you session by session.

Refine your technique and build confidence in lifting weights while you sculpt your body.

Rowers, ski-ergs, assault bikes, plyo-boxes and kettlebells are just some of the pieces of equipment used at ALTR to vary the workout. Who said exercise wasn’t supposed to be fun?

ALTR is where hard work happens. By performing varied movements, at high intensity, you’ll progress in all areas of health and fitness.

It’s you and the ALTR ARMY against the work out of the day. By the end of a session, you’ll be cheering on everyone else to reach their new personal best.

Your ALTR Pro will ensure you are working in a weight range that is right for you and sees you improving week after week.