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If you’re training for a marathon or to beat your current running personal record, adding ALTR to your weekly regime is the key to getting you there.

4 reasons to ALTR as part of your marathon training:

1. Prevent overuse injuries
Variety is key. Making sure your weekly workout routine is varied ensures that you hit all muscle groups and avoid overuse injuries. With running, ALTR can help you work more muscle groups and strengthen weak areas to help improve your running form. ALTR is extremely beneficial to runners due to its strengthening and explosive aspects. During runs, you are strictly moving forward and backward. ALTR works all planes of motion, so you’ll be performing lateral movements and rotational exercises to work and strengthen the whole body.

2. Increase explosiveness and speed
When you run, your stride is what propels you forward. You’re airborne much of the time during each step. Practicing moves that involve plyometrics or jumping, can drastically increase your explosiveness and speed.

3. Build a balanced body
ALTR also helps balance your body. As a runner, you work your legs a lot, but your upper body is often neglected or forgotten altogether. Performing an ALTR workout involving upper body movements and core work can make you a stronger, more well-rounded runner. Core strength and strong arms will help you maintain good running form and stay in alignment during longer training runs.

4. Get a sculpted body
Aerobic training contributes to fat loss but also is a factor in muscle loss. ALTR will build muscle and help tone your body.


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