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We’re HIITing it up with another round of ALTR SHRED. For you newbies, that’s 15 ALTR sessions in 31 days. This is an awesome way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically, so you can finish out the year feeling strong af.

Of course we always want to set you up for success, so here are some pro tips to help you CRUSH your ALTR SHRED.

Pace Yourself: This applies to your scheduling cadence. Rest days are your friend. Strenuous workouts cause muscle break down, while rest allows our bodies to build muscle back up. To avoid burn out or injury, make sure you’re planning out rest days and listening to your body’s limits.

Plan Ahead: Life gets crazy – we totally understand – and that’s all the more reason to claim your spot in class ahead of time to make sure you’re blocking out time for YOU. When you start your morning with your workout, the rest of the day is yours to conquer. When you end your day with your workout, you’ve set a deadline to get all of your sh*t done. When you commit to a mid-day workout, you get a little reset in the middle of your crazed day. How you do is up to you!

Find A Buddy: Our #ALTRArmy is super tight, especially during SHRED month – we’re here for you! Find someone who you can text for check-ins, class times and accountability. Root each other on and pay it forward with encouraging words and extra high fives.

Fuel Up: Hydrate. Hydrate. HYDRATE! (Aim for 100 ounces of water per day during high exercise periods.) And if you really want to see and feel results from ALTR SHRED, challenge yourself to eat as clean as you train. #REBOOT

Sleep Well: Get plenty of rest, especially if you’re planning on waking up with us before the sun rises. Your muscles need rest to, so consider throwing an ALTR Performance Yoga class into your rotation, along with light walks, and even days of absolutely NOTHING.

Don’t Wait: Sign up for your first class RIGHT NOW and get your booty over here! Upgrade your membership to unlimited or claim our ALTR SHRED pack, 15 sessions/$179. We can’t wait to see you!


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