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Register online before showing up. Immerse yourself in ALTR when you arrive.

Unlimited ALTR Access Members, 8-Session Monthly Members, and 4-Session Monthly Members enjoy two weeks advanced booking. Package holders enjoy one-week advanced booking.

Choose a session and select your starting position. In session, you’ll transition around the studio to complete dynamic circuits. At the end of the session, you’ll return to your spot to wind down. Sound complicated? It really isn’t and our pros will guide you.

Bring your own water bottle and fill it up at our water filling station. Forget your bottle? We’ve got you covered.  Beverages available for purchase.

Not quite feeling yourself; don’t schedule a session.

We require you to cancel a reservation within 12 hours before your scheduled session. Late cancellations or no shows will be charged one session from your package, 8-Session Membership or 4-Session Membership. Unlimited ALTR Access Members will be assessed a cancellation fee of $15 per incidence for all late cancellations or no shows. To cancel, log into your online account and click cancel or call ALTR, and we will assist you.

Session packages do not expire unless otherwise noted on promotional packages. Session packages are non-transferable and non-refundable. Unlimited ALTR Access Memberships allow access to 2 sessions per day maximum. Pros and timings are subject to change. We reserve the right to change our pricing.

If a session you had your heart set on is booked, add your name to the waitlist. As spots become available, they are allocated to clients on the waitlist in the order their names were added with members having priority over package holders. To be eligible for the waitlist you must have a membership or session package.

You will be automatically enrolled in the session if a place becomes available in advance of 12 hours before the session is due to take place. An email will be sent to the email address in your account to confirm your spot. We operate with the understanding you will attend all sessions you are waitlisted for should a place become available. If you added yourself to a waitlist for a session you are no longer interested in, log into your account and remove yourself. You will need to do this before 12 hours prior to the session, or you may find you are automatically enrolled in, and charged for, the session, even if you did not attend.

If a place becomes available in a session you are waitlisted for with less than 12 hours before the session, we will call or email you. This place will be allocated to the first waitlisted client we successfully connect with and who wishes to take the session, regardless of position on the waitlist.

It is not possible to swap sessions. If you have a spot in one session, and find out a place is available in the session you are waitlisted for, you will be charged for both sessions unless you cancel one of the sessions in advance of 12 hours before the session is scheduled.

ALTR Access Unlimited Members are subject to a no-show fee of $10 if you do not show up to a session you snagged a place on via the waitlist.

Drop in and check on last minute availability. Secure a place and your account will be charged accordingly.

Sessions start on time. Please arrive 5 minutes before the session starts, 10 minutes if this is your first visit. Running late?  Let us know. If we do not hear from you before the session is scheduled to start, we will give your place to any waitlisted client who wishes to snag it.

No phoning. No texting. Focus and ALTR sessions go hand in hand. Use of mobile devices is not permitted inside the fitness room.

Class participants must be 16 years of age or older, unless otherwise noted.   Under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian available to sign a waiver.

The North Loop location offers metered street parking or paid lot parking conveniently on the street in front of and around the studio.

The Edina location offers free parking in surface lots and ramps directly outside of the studio.

We have lots of them. No need to bring a lock. We operate on a code combination set up.

Our showers are pretty slick. They’re stocked with premium body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

We provide sweat and shower towels.