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Making friends at the gym can be intimidating af. We call ourselves the #ALTRarmy, because we’re tough, but we’re also a FAMILY. Seriously. Many of our regulars greet each other with high fives and hugs, and they consider our space to be a home away from home. We want to root for you, just as much as we want to challenge you.

So how do you find your tribe in such a busy place?

  1. Find Your Time – And Stick to It. Find a day/time that works best for you and make it part of your weekly ritual. It’s easier to make friends with a familiar face who you see putting in the work and smiling through the sweat, week after week. Click here to reserve your spot.

  2. Arrive Early – At least ten minutes. Your odds of striking up conversation is much higher before class instead of afterwards, when people tend to rush for the shower or catch their parking meter before it expires. If you haven’t yet, buddy up with the cuties at the front desk.

  3. Introduce Yourself – To the instructor and to the ones around you, with a smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. Make a conscious effort to remember their name by saying it out loud and repeating it.

  4. Cheer Them On – If you feel like clapping or cheering at any time during your workout – let it out and let’s party! (If not, that’s okay too). Remember that name? Make it a point to find them later and give them a fist bump or a high five between circuits or after the workout.

  5. Bring a Buddy – Yes, the point is to make NEW friends for you, but we want to make new friends too! And did you know their first week is free? Click here to claim your free week! 

Have you made a new best friend at ALTR? Post your photo to social media and tag @altrfit with #ALTRArmy!


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