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It’s no secret that we do a lot of work with kettlebells in our ALTR sessions (and no, it’s not to torture you). Why? Because these badass pieces of equipment have a ton of benefits, and help take your fitness routine to the next level.

It helps you exercise in all three different planes

In most exercise regimens, our movement stays within two planes – sagittal and frontal (forward and backward and side to side). With a kettlebell, you’re able to move in the transverse plane (twisting motions). The transverse plane is one of the most neglected, and this can lead to injury and deficits in your overall performance. By working all three planes (including transverse, i.e. kettlebell Russian twists and kettlebell side bends), you’re ensuring your entire system is being exercised and functioning soundly. And we dig that.

It helps you challenge your center of gravity

The center of gravity in each kettlebell isn’t in the handle, so you’re constantly working with an object that’s slightly unstable. It forces you to increase your inner stability (i.e. your core) and constantly challenges you, no matter what plane of movement the kettlebell is in.

It helps increase your strength and cardio

Think about doing a kettlebell swing, deadlift or around the worlds – not only are your muscles truly engaged and active, but your heart rate increases drastically (hello, cardio). In doing even the simplest kettlebell movements, your body is forced to use maximum amounts of strength while amping up your respiratory function.

It helps in your everyday activities

While we love the rowers and ski ergs, most of us don’t row or cross country ski on a day-to-day basis. But we do, however, pick up children, lift heavy things on and off of high shelves, carry a heavy bag to work and lug around groceries. Kettlebell workouts are considered “functional” workouts because they work the muscles you use every single day when doing your basic daily activities and helps you strengthen them.

It allows you to get a full body workout with little equipment and space

You can work virtually every muscle group in your body using a kettlebell, and you don’t need a lot of space to do it. It’s a win-win.

It makes you realize you’re stronger than you thought

Think about the size of dumbbells you typically use in your every day workout – are they 5 lbs? 10? Maybe 15? Now think of the weight you choose when using a kettlebell (it’s easily double and sometimes triple or quadruple). Challenge those perceived limits, pick up a heavier kettlebell and get to swingin,’ Army.


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