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The world certainly has no shortage of fitness fads. When it comes to exercise trends, some methods are here to stay. While HIIT has become a common buzzword among gym-goers and athletes, it is certainly much more than hype.  It’s why our baseline format at ALTR is all about HIIT – #legithiit.

Why High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? 
HIIT is a tried and tested training strategy characterized by rapid, powerful bursts of activity immediately followed by shorter recovery periods that can involve gentle activity or complete rest. Although HIIT sessions can be of any length, most people who follow this training approach typically workout for around an hour at a time. HIIT sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness and can be readily scaled to meet individuals where they’re at.  This is why we love #freshmeat at ALTR.  There’s a place for everyone in a session.  We dig that and know how much you get off on sweating hard with your besties, ARMY.

How does it work? 
In comparison to steady-state cardiovascular exercise sessions, such as jogging or cycling, when executed correctly, HIIT burns through more calories in much less time. The key to ensuring you invest your full effort in the session during HIIT workouts is to get your heart rate up to a peak level and maintain it at that level throughout the session. During high-intensity activities and the ensuing recovery process, your body’s need for oxygen significantly increases, which essentially means HIIT can help to increase your metabolism and ensure you to continue to burn through calories long after the workout itself.  Pretty cool stuff! We thought you’d like to know how much your hard work at ALTR pays off.

Why should I stick with it and encourage first timers to come too? 
People of all fitness levels benefit from the positive effects of a HIIT workout session. As HIIT burns through a lot more calories than steady-state cardiovascular exercise, you will be able to see the results of your sessions much quicker. Yep, we’re into that! The combination of intense bouts of rapid activity and strength training significantly increases the number of calories your body consumes. During the workout itself, your body will need much more oxygen than it would when engaging in steady-state exercise, and this will enhance your endurance over time. As such, in addition to finding that HIIT sessions get gradually easier as your fitness improves, you’ll also have more energy in your everyday life.

Where can I do it? 
ALTR – obvi.  Know that HIIT routines can take a variety of forms. While some rely purely on your bodyweight and don’t necessitate the use of any equipment, others may involve specialized apparatus.  We’ve got all the toys at ALTR, which ensures you have a solid and varied workout that improves your performance every single time you crush it with us.  We also have a series of “HIIT the Road” workouts posted in the ALTR Life blog.

As is the case with any type of physical activity, it is important you give your body adequate time to recover between workout sessions so you can reap the full benefits of your exercise program.  HIIT it and then rest up ALTR ARMY.  Soak in the achievement you get from an ALTR session and hold onto it long after the sweat dries.


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